Callowhill is — and always has been — a neighborhood of change. The streets were created with that in mind; breaching the original northern boundary of Philadelphia, serving as a thoroughfare for the early 1800's industrial boom, and a place for exotic markets to sprout up and flourish from the diverse cultures that docked on the banks of the Delaware. 

Callowhill shows Philly's history in a way that other, more established (even gentrified) neighborhoods no longer do. We spent three days following the light and layers of that history, noticing how the past informs the present, finding ourselves drawn to even the smallest details — weathered roads, shadows of tunnels, overgrowth in alleyways

With this project, we wanted to capture Callowhill's present, as it might soon be its past. Given the flow of the city, that's just the way it is. And if, in five years, Callowhill serves a different community, has a new face, these postcards will commemorate what it still is today. This is a specific moment in history, and we hope we've helped capture it to have and hold for years to come.